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FAQ - Send/Receive electronic greeting cards

It´s not necessary to be registered to send or receive a greeting card. The service is totally free.

How to send a greeting card?

Visit some category in the menu, and simply click in the one you have chosen. Once you are in the new screen it will appear the chosen greeting card. Then you must complete your name & email and the recipient´s ones. You can add you personal message and select to receive a copy of the greeting card and a notification when the recipient get his greeting card from our site.

How to pick a greeting card?

In the email that you received, it will appear a 24 digits code with numbers and letters (example: 030923050901GlyGvXROHH18), and under the code it will appear a link. Click on it to see the greeting card. If it doesn´t work Copy and Paste the link in your browser or visit the homepage in your website and Copy and Paste the code in the column in the right of the screen.

How can I see a copy of the greeting card that I sent?

When sending a greeting card mark on the "receive a copy" option. The system will send you a link to the greeting card in a email. You can also preview the greeting card selecting the "preview" option.

How can I know if the greeting card that I sent
was seen by the recipient?

When you send the greeting card you can mark the "notify me when the recipient sees the greeting card", then when the recipient visit the link that the system sends in the email and sees the greeting card that you have sent, you will receive an email notifying you that the greeting card was received.



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