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FAQ - Solving Problems

The greeting cards work on WebTV and AOL and are compatible with all the browsers. If you have some problem with your browser please contact us in in order to solve the problem

Why some animated greeting cards do not move?

1.- Maybe you have pushed the button <Stop> in your browser.
2.- You web browser doesn´t support animated greeting cards.
3.- Sometimes if you click one link in the greeting card page interrupts the animation.
4.- For some greeting cards it´s necessary that you have the Flash plugin installed in your browser. If you don´t have it you can download it here.

To solve the error try to Refresh the page.

The browser displays me 403, 404, 500 error.

If your web browser displays some of these errors please contact us in .
Please include information about the operation that you were doing and in wich page the error happened.

Why I can´t hear the music in my greeting card?

1.- Your web browser doesn´t support music.
2.- Your loudspeakers or sound board doesn´t kork or are badle configurated.
3.- There was some interruption while downloading music. Try to Refresh the page in the browser.

I sent a greeting card that wasn´t received. Why?

1.- Maybe you have written incorrectly the recipient´s address.
2.- The recipient accidentally erased the notification message.
3.- Your email server isn´t working correctly.
4.- When you sent the greeting card you indicated a specific date of shipment. In that case, the greeting card will be sent in that day.

I sent or someone sent me a greeting card to a Hotmail account and I haven´t received it. Why?

The Hotmail accounts use junk email filters that sometimes apply to emails that are not spam. Probably the email was sent to the junk email folder because your Junk E-Mail Filter level configuration is enhanced or exclusive. To change this configuration go to options in your Hotmail account and change your Junk E-Mail Filter level to low.

I can browse the site but I can see the greeting cards. Why?

To optimize our service we used a specific server that uses the 8888 port. If you are using a proxy or firewall probably is blocking it. You must enable the TCP 8888, or ask to the network administrator to do it.

I sent a greeting card and I want to cancel the shipment.
Can I do it?

Due to the configuration of our system once the greeting card is uploaded in the data base isn´t possible to cancel the shipment.

I sent a greeting card to several people wit the multiple shipment option. Are shown all the emails in each greeting card?

No, each person will see only his own email in the greeting card.



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